Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Freedom From?

A leettle sneaker review for you runners out there.

I recently purchased these Nike Free+ 2 sneaks from City Sports.

What they Free me from, I do not know...other than freedom from a soft cushion when I run, freedom from ankle support, freedom from healthy knees, and freedom from being able to run longer than 3 minutes without leg and lower back pain.  I'm not sure this is what FDR had in mind (Get it? I know.)

I returned to City Sports yesterday to inquire about said pain that I believe has a direct correlation with the shoes, which I've now been using for approximately 10 days.  The woman was very helpful, explaining that sure, I could buy insoles for cushion, but that new wearers were often mislead into doing "too much too soon" when using the Free for the first time.  The body needs time to adjust to how the Free simulates barefoot running (which I guess is some new rage in the exercise world...I tend to be of the belief that we're not cavemen so why can't I wear shoes?  But, I digress).  I explained that really, I'm just a run-walker, so I don't think that qualifies me in this group of doing "too much"...well, ever.  But she encouraged me to give the shoes some time and my fragile ankles and knees time to adjust to the lack of support.  

Let's be honest, the caveman who evolved into present day humans didn't say, "Actually, we're pretty happy with the wheel, but let's stick with the barefoot thing."  They progressed.  And invented shoes.  And then came shoes with support and cushion to absorb the shock of pounding over and over again onto cement.  Are we next going to say, "Eh, let's revert back to the horse and buggy.  Just give yourself some time to adjust to the slower pace of travel."  Am I crazy here?

I just don't know if I buy the barefoot running phenomenon.  But, always the sucker for new fads (and for some weird reason, items sold on TV) I bought these - so I have to give them a chance.

Any other Free wearers out there have some advice?

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  1. I got all tingly when you said "FDR." And I'm with you, shoes are going to be the next big thing, and we should all get on that bandwagon.