Thursday, September 1, 2011

Happy Birthday Claudia DeMartini

Matt and I won't be going on a hike until this weekend - So...

I'd like to say HAPPY BIRTHDAY to my wonderful, beautiful mother!

Lookin' good no?  I think so too - Thank God we look alike.

She's a great team player!

She loves Christmas and my birthday - Lucky for me!

She buys me Hurricanes on Bourbon Street!

She is the most caring person I know.

And I just LOVE spending time with her!

Mom's are great...but I think mine is the BEST.  Jealous?  I know.  

I hope she has the most wonderful day ever!  I wish I could be there today to give her a big hug and say THANKS for being the most awesome mom on the planet.  HAPPY HAPPY HAPPY BIRTHDAY!

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