Sunday, August 21, 2011

The Inventionist

See - I just invented that word to add drama and meaning to the fact that yeah, I'm an inventor.

For example, it's long been one of my life goals to have a word entered into Webster's.  Which considering they added "woot" to the Oxford English Dictionary this year, I can't be that far off.  In college I invented the word "majoratively" - Muh-JOR-ah-tiv-lee Adj. Meaning a majority of the time - and would throw it into finals and term papers just to see if my professors recognized my genius. Usually they just circled it with a question mark...but at least they noticed.

George is clearly aghast at the state of the English language.
(Art on the corner of 15th and V NW)

I also claim to be the inventor of the RunWalk.  Since joining the Cross Country team in high school - and never being much of an endurance type - the RunWalk is the fine art of running for a few minutes until you get too tired and bored, so you slow to a walk.  Coach Townsend will attest to the fact that I'm somewhat of a Master Yogi of RunWalking.  That year I attempted to run in exactly one race - and it was rained out.  I took that as a sign.  Unfortunately, in relating this story to someone who's actual profession is 'Trainer,' he claimed the RunWalk is already in existence as an official way to do long-distance races.  Apparently there are even some books about it.  Whatever, imitation is the most sincere form of flattery.

Cross Country Practice - 2002

I've invented loads of other things, but I think you get the idea.  Also, none of my brainchildren have yet to reach the level of the the world’s not ready for me anyway.

Which brings me to my hiking point, because after all, that's what this blog is about - I've invented a hike!  Yes, I understand you can't "invent" a hike, but I forged the path, blazed the trail, and wrote it down first (which according to Groundswell is half the battle).

I was walking solo this weekend since Matt had a friend in town...but after seeing what our book classifies as DC Hikes, which are sometimes just long sightseeing walks, I thought I'd share a route I routinely take on the weekends from my apartment to the Regal Gallery Place movie theatre.  I bring you: "Movie Miles."

There are plenty of ways to walk from 16th and U NW to Chinatown but I prefer to walk straight down 16th for a few reasons: there are tons of beautiful buildings to look at along the way and it's really hard to get lost. Hang a Louie at the White House and stay on H.  Not hard.

Along 16th, dead-ending at the White House, you'll find some really beautiful townhomes and apartment buildings (my favorite is the one below with stars as trim - Stars remind me of my friend Katie), the Scottish Rite of Freemasonry Museum and Library, and the DC Church of Scientology - which I heard gives free tours and free stress tests.  Helloooo DC on a budget.

Scottish Rite of Freemasonry Museum and Library

I love the primary colors.

Carnegie Institute

'Free in DC' - Scientology
The walk is about 40 minutes one way and it's the perfect exercise to justify going to sit for 2 hours in a dark theatre on a beautiful day.  In addition, for the ladies, if you go down F or G Street instead of H, there's a Macy's, Filene's, Forever, H&M, and Zara along the way.  And in the words of the immortal Carrie Bradshaw, "Shopping is my cardio."  2 birds, 1 stone.  3 birds if you count ending the spree with a movie.  4 if you bike home.

And I shot all those birds on Saturday.*  

Cardio Woot!  Thanks to the Redcoats, and their bloody control over the English language, that is officially a real sentence. If you ask me, 'majoratively' will do less harm to future generations.

*No birds were actually harmed in the writing of this blog.

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