Saturday, August 27, 2011

An Earthquake and a Hurricane Walk Into a Bar

The earthquake says, "What's shakin?"

That's the best I got.

It's true, in a span of 5 days I've been in an earthquake and now Hurricane Irene.  But not just me, the rest of the east coast.  Being from Florida, hurricanes mean breaking out the daquiri machine and getting pushed in the pool.  Fill your tub up with water just in case, but otherwise...Hurricane Partyyy!

New York on the other hand, is panicking.  Every bus, train and boat out of the city for the next 48 hours has been cancelled.  The subway stopped running at noon today.  Every Starbucks in the city is closed.  It's insane.  And a little overzealous if you ask me.

This comes to mind.

This morning it was really just this.  Sandbagging.

The only thing is, for the past 2 days I've been making fun of people freaking out about this Category 2 storm...which I think has now been downgraded to a Category 1.  Which is a joke, actually.  I do think that karma can be a high maintenance lady though, so to protect myself, I hope that no matter what, everyone stays safe and well-weathers the storm. 

I did get 2 beautiful days in New York though and managed to get in a couple of long, scenic walks - which this blog likes to refer to as 'hikes.'  Stay tuned for updates next week.

Until then, be safe, stay dry, and please - turn your hurriCAN'T into a hurriCAN.  Party on.


  1. We took some prudent steps, like checking the beer supply, and filling the bathtub with water, and stocking up on water balloons. You know, the usual boy scout stuff.

  2. Sounds like the perfect prep for a Category 1 storm. Glad you guys survived!!