Friday, March 2, 2012

Where do I live again?

In this week's installment of "Things I didn't know existed in DC" is this structure:

On a few recent beautiful days, I've been taking an afternoon run around the National Mall.  
However, today, instead of taking the interior path (along what used to be the Reflecting Pool), I ran up Independence Ave.  
What the hell are these two walls leading to?  The Basin?

I thought of The Odyssey.  Scylla and Charybdis, anyone?


  1. Really?! I thought that was on the other side of the've opened my eyes, Daryl!! But being that it was just unveiled a few months ago - it's somewhat excusable that it did not look familiar to me! Ha!

  2. It is, I promise :-) Of course, from the view in your picture, it just looks like a giant lump of stone - the carving of MLK himself and the landscaped walls and walking area are on the other side.