Thursday, March 15, 2012

Ed Brought A Knife to the Air Museum

**Correction 3/16/12:  Dad brought to my attention that it wasn't the Multi-Tool he couldn't lose - it was a bosun's knife.  So - I think that actually enhances the hilarity of this story - Ed Brought 2 Knives to the Air Museum.  

My parents came to visit me last weekend and on the beautiful day that was Saturday, we went to the Air and Space Museum.  I had never been, and I don't think my parents had been since the early 80s, so it was a treat for all of us.

But there was one little hiccup... The museums in DC are like an airport: security, metal detectors, no outside water, and I'm sure if you happened to bring shampoo with you, it would have to be in a 3.4 oz bottle.  But a well-known fact about Ed DeMartini is that he brings a knife with him everywhere he goes - a lesser known fact is that he is usually packing heat as well, but I digress...  Technically the knife is a 'multi-tool' with a screwdriver and a wrench and a nail file, etc.  But poor Dad has had about 20 of them in the last 10 years because he always, always, always forgets to leave the knife at home when he's going to a secured environment.  Many an airport security guard has made him throw the tool away.  And Saturday was no different - We walked into the museum and seeing the metal detector, we all said "Oh Sh*t."  My mom was quick to say, "Oh Ed, I'll buy you a new one, let's just go in."  But, scorned one too many times by oppressive security, Ed dug in his heels and said, "No."

The solution was to hop in a cab, throw the knife in my office and head back to the National Mall - a 40 minute detour that saved the Multi-Tool from the fate of so many others.  And the rest is history.

The Air and Space Museum, by the way, is incredible.  But don't see "Rescue 3D" in the Imax - it's boring.  Pick a different movie.  And below are some pictures of the incredible day!

Oops - I guess my "Hold up the Monument" directions were no good.


  1. Great, from now on whenever I see Ed, I'll get the Ice Cube lyric stuck in my head "So if you is or you ain't a gang banger, keep one in the chamber...."

  2. Actually it wasn't about the multi-tool, although I was loathe to lose another one, it was about the Navy Bosun pocket knife (with a fold out marlin spike on the other end) that I didn't feel I could replace.

  3. For me, and everyone else out there who didn't know:

    "Marlinspike ( /ˈmɑrlɨnspaɪk/; sometimes marlin spike, marlinespike, or the archaic marlingspike/marling-spike) is a tool used in ropework for tasks such as unlaying rope for splicing, untying knots, forming a toggle (for releasing ropes joined under tension such as with a belaying pin splice), or forming a makeshift handle.
    A marlinspike is a polished cone tapered to a rounded or flattened point, usually 6 to 12 inches long, although sometimes 26 inches or longer, depending on what ply and size of rope they are intended for. The marlinspike is a tool made from metal, usually iron or steel, differentiating it from the fid which is similar in shape and function but made from wood or bone. The marlinspike may be a separate tool or one item on a pocket knife.
    Sailors who become quite proficient at knot tying, sewing, and use of the marlinspike can be known as marlin spikes, or marlin spike seamen. The body of knowledge that includes knotting and splicing is called marlinespike seamanship."