Friday, March 23, 2012

See.This.Movie: The Hunger Games

Move over Bella Swan, there's a new heroine in town and she will kick.your.face.

Katniss Everdeen, star of The Hunger Games is a Young Adult character I can get behind, and let me tell you why.  I always took issue with Twilight's "Bella" as a role model for young women.  Um - sinking into a deep depression when your high school boyfriend abandons you?  Thinking it's normal that Edward is a glorified stalker who creeps into your room and watches you sleep?  Feeling like you have to die to be with some dude you fell in love with at 16?  Cutting off your family because they can't see what you've become with the man you love?  Earth to Stephanie Meyer: that's been made into a Lifetime movie called, "Reviving Ophelia" - and it's unhealthy.  In the middle of New Moon, there are literally just blank pages with the month written on them to show Bella's pathetic emptiness while time passes without Edward.  Barf.

Where have gone the kick ass days of Hermione using her wits to pull Harry and Ron out of every bad situation in which they found themselves?  When Ron was a jerk, Hermione got a famous Quidditch player to take her to the school dance to make Ron jealous.  And Muggle blood be damned, she was the best little witch at Hogwart's.  Smart, savvy, cool under pressure Hermione Granger.

But somewhere along the way, we got depressed, co-dependent mumbler, Kristen Stewart.  Ugh.

Enter Katniss - a 21st century, no-nonsense young woman who supports her family, takes her sister's place in the Hunger Games and uses her survival instincts and sense of loyalty to stick it to The Man.  I also like her because she never takes hand-outs - little Republican in the making.  I dig it.  And she's a female character that I wouldn't feel the need to let my (hypothetical) daughter read about without a serious heart to heart - "Ok honey, if a boy ever tells you he has to be with you at all times, don't listen to him because that's abuse - and you know Vampires aren't real, right?"

Date night, Girl's night, Family night, Go see this movie.  It's all action, very little romance and anyone will appreciate it.  And the next time Stephanie Meyer writes a book, can we please just ignore it?  I promise, I will too.  Because while Bella's dad is picking up her Abilify prescription at the Forks Pharmacy - women like Katniss Everdeen are ruling the world.

Seriously, see it.


  1. Best. Blog post. Ever. You took the words of how I feel about the whole Bella/Edwards idiocy right out of my mouth. And Hermione too....