Tuesday, July 10, 2012

A girl can dream...

I just read this:

Basically, I'm desperately hoping that I'll pop over to this website one day and find a picture of Addy somewhere safe where I can go retrieve her.  
Though I know after the first 24 hours, chances of surviving an abduction are slim to none.*

In other news, some of you may know that The Adventurer was kindly replaced by a noble benefactor of this blog.  I ride my new bike to work now almost daily, but last weekend I went on my very first serious bike ride with Matt.  We drove out to Vienna, VA on Saturday and biked the W & OD Trail into Shirlington, then stayed on the Shirlington trail to the Mt. Vernon trail, at which point Matt takes a left towards Old Town and I take a right back into the city.  

Sunday, we went to pick up Matt's car in Vienna so we did the reverse, meeting at the Airport where the Mt. Vernon Trail forks to head towards the W & OD and out to Vienna.  It was about 22 miles each way.  I'm guesstimating.

Newsflash: I'm obsessed with biking.  I bought a Camelbak and padded shorts and I'm obsessed with biking.  Next weekend is the Capitol Crescent Trail.  Stay tuned.

*I realize it's probably a terrible metaphor to liken a bike theft to a human kidnapping, but I'm not generally known for my tact.

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