Sunday, June 24, 2012

Blueberry Wasted

Daryl, April, and I returned to Homestead Farm on Saturday to fulfill our dream of picking the biggest blackberries you've ever seen.

After a week of chowing down on 
the most amazing blueberries I've ever tasted...

I was blueberry wasted.

Picking blackberries is, in many ways, more fun and more efficient.  They're exponentially larger than blueberries, so my tupperware was full in a fraction of the time.  But this also means that they're much heavier and therefore some blackberry sticker-shock ensued at the register.

Something else happened at the register...  I was going to buy two pints of fresh blueberries to continue my blueberry bender - but in typical fashion, I spilled half of them before paying.  I'm not going into the details - but it had to do with physics and my usual lack of spacial awareness.  Let's just say, the minute I saw it happening, I knew why and I was mortified.  This led me to guiltily pay full price for the now half pints of berries, and of course buy a third pint.  It's a local business, people.  And I felt like I cut into their profits by carelessly spilling their product all over the floor.  Seriously, I can't take myself anywhere.

 I now have more blueberries than I know what to do with. 
Someone please check me into blueberry rehab.

You're looking very violet, Violet.

This post was really just an excuse for me to post these blue-people pictures.


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