Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Heading for The Hills

While visiting my best gal pal in LA to ring in 2012, we did the coolest hike ever - to the top of the Hollywood sign (a la JT and Mila Kunis in Friends With Benefits) in sunny California.  For info on how to get to the base of the trail Jess and I did, click here!  Actually, this video starts somewhere different than we did.  But, whatever, our start had free parking and cooler signs.

Follow the Hollywood Road

Before visiting Jess, I had told her that I didn't need to do any hoakie sightseeing of celeb houses or studio tours, but that doing a hike was really important.  Well, she went above and beyond organizing this little gem and I couldn't have been more excited!

It was a sunny, 80 degrees and though some might say that the city views were ruined by the smog, I just felt like I got a true dose of LA viewing.  It took us about 50 minutes to climb the mountain and a little less to get back down - not as long of a hike as I'd expected, but the first half was a steep climb, which this east coaster is just not used to, and I felt it the next day.

Jess had an idea for a coffee table book - pictures of me 'holding' landmarks around the world.
You're all getting signed copies from me next Christmas.  You're welcome.

Clearly, I already have a collection of myself as tall as monuments.


We're on top of LA!

Yum. Smog in the background!

Also, from the top of the Hollywood sign you can see The Observatory - which I guess is pretty famous.  I know there are longer hikes where you can start at Griffith Park, climb the mountain to the Observatory, and then walk over the hills to the Hollywood sign - but uh, Jess and I got hungry for snacks.  So we drove through Griffith Park and snapped this:

That'll be our hike next time I visit!

Happy New Year Hikers!

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