Monday, November 28, 2011

The Long and Winding Road

On Thanksgiving day, after the Turkey was put in the oven and the sides all prepped, my mom and I decided to go for a hike around their and their neighbors' land.  For anyone who doesn't know, my parents live in the middle of nowhere off of a dirt road that is about 2 miles long and about 20 miles from the nearest town - which only has one stoplight.  Hillbilly.

We started by exiting behind the guest house through the fields that our neighbor rents from us and farms.  Usually they're growing cotton, which around Thanksgiving is at it's peak and ready to be picked - it's beautiful and my parents' house sits amongst a field of snowy white poofs.  This year - it was a little more brown.  As crop rotation would have it, Mr. Maxwell grew peanuts instead.

Peanuts left over from the harvest.

We walked through what was left of the peanut fields onto Maxwell Rd.  We took a right and headed to Cal Thomas which is about a third of a mile down the road.

The beginning of the 1.8 mile stretch of dirt road.

We walked from one end of Cal Thomas to the other and then back to the house.  It was about 4 miles and took a little less than 2 hours.  The day was beautiful and later our Thanksgiving feast was wonderful - We have a lot to be thankful for.

A small country church

This man was using a metal contraption - a stick with what looks like a hamster wheel on the end - to pick up pecans that had fallen from the trees.

Pecan Tree

Oh, Hay

Deer tracks

The other end of Cal Thomas - from here we turned around and went back.

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