Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Halloween Fright Hike!

I had been planning a trip to Six Flags Fright Night with Amy, John and Jenni for quite some time.  I would have blogged about how awesome it was anyway - but much to my blogging enjoyment (and yours, of course) - Fright Night includes a Halloween Hike!!

The Roller Coaster Jedi Strike Back

The day was a total blast - a crisp, blue-skyed, Fall day filled with roller coasters and excitement!  Six Flags America in Upper Marlboro, MD is a relatively small park but the ride lines were short and all of the roller coasters were awesome!  Quality over quantity.  I like it.

The Superman is the most exciting roller coaster I've ever been on.  Great thrills, but an easy ride.

At 6 PM, on weekends in October, the crazies come out to play at the park.  They fill the park with smoke - spooky - and actors dressed like deranged clowns, zombies, and jesters wielding chainsaws chase you around.  At one point a jester started chasing me, I freaked, and I could hear Jenni yelling, "They can't touch you!  They can't touch you!"  It's actually a good tip y'all - the actors aren't allowed to touch you, so if you just act like you're not bothered by them, they don't mess with you.  But isn't getting scared half the fun?  You decide.

John and I were the only ones who wanted to go through the Backwoods Bloodshed aka the Halloween Hike.  We entered through one of the amphitheaters (that usually has a Batman show), so I assumed that it was a haunted house within the stage area.  Not so.  The line was through the theater, but the haunted forest was actually a 1/3 to 1/2 mile hike through the woods behind Six Flags!  John was a total gentleman and let me cling to his arm, yelp, bury my head in his shoulder, etc.  On one particular chainsaw incident at which I tried to bolt through the remainder of the trail, begging the people in front of me to, "Please move faster, Please!" John grabbed my arm and reminded me "No running in the park."  It was great - the last thing I wanted to blog about was getting kicked out of the park for running like a bat-out-of-hell through my haunted hike.  Thanks John.

I was scared guys - and as a Halloweenie activity, Fright Fest comes highly recommended by me.  

Waiting in line for the forest, Six Flags tries to set the mood.

The jester who chased me until I realized she'd be nicer if I wasn't screaming bloody murder.

Fright Fest was a really great activity to get me in the Halloween spirit, as Halloween is one of my favorite holidays all year!!  

John also told me that the reason Rock Creek Park is so gross this year is because of all the rain we've had the past few months.  So maybe I will take a second look sometime.

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