Sunday, October 9, 2011

Kat Sass

Don't worry, I didn't forget what this blog is really about - and for the first time in a number of weeks, I HIKED!  With guest hiker Katie, I completed the abbreviated version of Hike 3 from 60 Hikes: Potomac Park.

And phew, we walked our hinies off.  Sore feet and legs ensued.  The hike from Smithsonian Metro, to the Jefferson Memorial and completely around Potomac Park/Hains Point was about 6.3 miles.  But then Katie and I walked home from the National Mall, so I'm saying this hike was more like 8 or 9.  It was a perfectly beautiful sunny day around 75 degrees.  We started at 11:17am and were home around 2:30pm.  Not too shabby for myself and freshman hiker, Miss Lane.

This hike was very similar to Hike 1: The Lincoln Loop as far as sightseeing and DC areas go, but Potomac Park is very peaceful, not swarming with tourists or exercisers and the views of Alexandria and Southwest DC are really nice.  It's a great hike because it's a loop and by the time you've completed, you don't even realize you've gone 4 miles!  I love being tricked into calorie burning!  Also, there are clean public restrooms - always a plus.

And now a photo montage of the fun we had!

"To show it all would take too long - we need a montage." -Trey Parker, Matt Stone

All About The Jeffersons
@The Jefferson Memorial

Yes, that's a fanny pack.  Now that I'm a serious hiker I need both of my hands for things like scaling rocks and directing traffic.  Have no fear fashionistas, it's a real brand called Matt and Nat and it's made of vegan materials (or something like that) to fit my fashionable yet tree-hugging persona.

Then we met up with a friend of ours, George Mason, at his park.

Seriously guys, I told Katie to go pose for a picture and I turned around and she was on his lap.  She's not this forward with most men, so I think George is a keeper.  She says she likes that "he makes her feel small."

Oh, George...

Katie and I have a knack for finding license plates with our name on them.  Not kidding, I have a picture from a road trip after college where Katie is posed by a very similar license plate.  I wish I could reprise the photo here - but it's lost somewhere on an old computer.  

The funny thing about this story that makes it such a gem, is that there was a little old man in this Toyota convertible (top down, he was enjoying the day as well) with a huge clown horn somehow attached to his dashboard.  I'm betting this little old man's name wasn't "Kat" but who knows.  Since he was sitting in the front seat, Katie and I thought it would be appropriate if we asked first if we could take a picture with the plate.  He honked his clown horn and said "Yeah you can, and why don't you pretty ladies jump in the back."  Uh, it sounds creepier than it actually was - we said we had to keep hiking and thanked him for the pictures.  But if that old man's name is Kat, he definitely had Sass - and I totally get the vanity plate.  He earned it.

So that was our day and we walked our way home.  Fun, Fit, and definitely quirky.

Always fade out in a montage.  MONTAGE!

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