Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Getting in the Holiday Spirit!

This is supposed to be my last week in DC before Christmas Vacation (we'll see what work dictates...) so I'm spending the week getting in the holiday spirit - which I've admittedly been feelin' since decorating the tree with my parents at Thanksgiving and the hot toddy incident.  The JATW was a great way to kick off the week, and last night I went ice skating with friends in the Sculpture Garden.  It was freezing and magical and very very fun.  The only thing missing was a little *spiked* cider or eggnog to warm us up post-ice.  Take note DC street vendors.

Katherine, Megan and Nick

Hi Amy!

We are fearless and ready!

Zamboni Time!

I was pretty nervous to get on the super slick ice post-Zambo, 
but it was actually easier and more fun to skate on the clean ice!
Who knew? Not this Florida girl.

You guys are pretty smooth on the ice...

Happy Holidays!

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